1. PIC(K)S#1

    3 of my favorite photos on Pic(k)s#1 (Project by No Title Gallery).

    Check on Issuu!


  2. Traveller - EasyJet Magazine

    Walter Bolzonella, Head Barman at Cipriani for EasyJet Magazine.
    Interview by Adrian Mourby
    Agency: Ink London


  3. Squadra Omega on XL Repubblica magazine, November issue

    Article about Italian Psycho Indie by Valerio Mattioli


  4. The Mojomatics on All Access Photo

    All Access Photo is a space about Music Photography.

    Here the photo and his handwritten story that i’ve selected for "My Greatest Hit" section.


  5. Anna Magdalena - Part I

    Francesca is Anna Magdalena. Nothing more has to be known. She made the Conservatory from which she fled. She was the bass player of FuckVegas. She joins the duo Magpie with Daniele Carretti (Offlagadiscopax). She performed for Teatro degli Orrori and the Bloody Beetroots. Now she takes refuge in her gaunt quietness and sidereal atmospheres.



    From Treviso to Berlin and back again, Dario Tronchin is making waves with a clutch of dreamy, abstract techno. RA’s Jordan Rothlein finds out where it all came from.
    Check the article.


  7. Woman’s board by Drake / Northwave

    Artwork based on my photographs of the DJs duo Les Cri (Electronicgirls) for the woman’s board collection by Drake / Northwave AW 13/14, DFL Mod.


  8. Traveller - EasyJet Magazine

    Shooting for EasyJet Magazine.
    Interview by Adrian Mourby
    Agency: Ink London


  9. Funkabit

    Out now with his new EP “Giraffes by the Ocean” on Neonized Records (Esp), i’ve met Funkabit near Trieste for some promo shot.


  10. Guilty Party Boat Cruise 5th Edition | 2013

    "Time is changing for the worst, prices going up, jobs hard to find, wheather out of control.

    In beautiful Venice, Italy where Rock and Roll music is forbidden (true story) Guilty Party Boat Cruise put out to sea again this year and it was great!  Thanks to all the band who played, djs who spinned amazing danceable hits, and to all the people who let their hair down on the dancefloor.”

    Venice is Guilty!

    See you again soon!

    Guilty Party Foundation

    Complete gallery on Flickr!


  11. "Punk’s always been dead, that’s why is so great!"

    These words were spoken by Don Bolles (The Germs drummer) at Pieffe Factory in Gorizia. He was talking with my friend Sally Maclenanne and now these words are imprinted in a sweatshirt, limited edition hand-made “with care to improve your troubles!”.

    Sally now works in Madrid as a stylist, if u want contact her write to sally.maclenanne@gmail.com


  12. Video Teaser directed and shot for Electronicgirls.

    Electronicgirls is an italian netlabel (creative commons, money free) dedicated to the effort of women in electronic music. Born in Venice during the 2010, Electronicgirls is a collective made of musicians and djs who are exploring every aspect of electronic music, from electroclash to experimental.

    The video teaser was shoot in the 2012 during some live show around Italy and during the rehearsal for the theatre show “Annusavamo fiori di fibra ottica" with the actress Ilaria Pasqualetto.


  13. Teenage Magic: my first videoclip directed and shot for Funkabit.

    I’m proud to announce my first video clip, directed and shot for Funkabit.
    The single titled “Teenage Magic" (Feat. the Danish singer Eva Esther) is out now on Mozzarella Recordings.
    You can read more about Teenage Magic Here.


  14. Enklav

    Promo pics for Enklav, an electronic music label launched in 2012 focused on the interaction between music and technology.

    From top left: Enklav Crew, The Noisemaker, Bona, Fabio JL, Von Tesla, Mudwise, EVN


  15. Reverend Beat-Man

    In attesa di vederlo dal vivo con gli svizzeri The Monsters sul palco galleggiante del Guilty Boat Party Cruise 2013, ecco alcuni ritratti che ho scattato tempo fa al Reverend Beat-Man, boss della Voodoo Rhythm Records, One Man Band e, per l’appunto, front man della mitica band elvetica attiva da quasi 20 anni!